Datum:   19. Oktober 2022, 13:00 Uhr

Infos & Registrierung:   https://www.biotexfuture.de/


Sustainable (bio-based) textiles recycling – how to make it happen and who will be involved? Get the latest insights at the VIRTUAL BIOTEXFUTURE Fall 2022 Forum titled “Scaling Up Sustainable (Bio-Based) Textiles Recycling”

This fall we will bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to learn more about how we can make sustainable (bio-based) textiles recycling a reality. Soex and I:Collect GmbH will share their perspective as a recycler. The startup Infinited Fiber will share its learnings and FullCycle will highlight key insights from the investment side. The Wuppertal Institut will deliver a deep dive into current research in the field, whereas the presentations will be topped off with the input by Adelphi on value chain partnerships for pre-consumer textile recycling. The day will be closed with a panel discussion on challenges for and solutions in textiles recycling.

Registration is open here.


Das Vorhaben wird durch die BMBF-Fördermaßnahme "Innovationsräume Bioökonomie" im Rahmen der "Nationalen Forschungsstrategie BioÖkonomie 2030" gefördert.


Provadis Hochschule

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